Join the Utah Genealogical Association

To join the Utah Genealogical Association, 
and complete the Contact Information asked for (you can skip the Badge Type and Home Town).
You must select the membership type and duration from the drop down boxes.
It would be appreciated if you also completed the information requested in the other drop boxes listed concerning the Chapter you would like to join (if any), your level of technical expertise, your employment status, research interests, volunteer interests, and age group.
NOTE: Your login has to be generated manually 
and details will be mailed to you as soon as it is complete.
The UGA membership pricing options are as follows:
  • Student Membership: Annual - $10.00 (proof of valid Student ID must be sent)
  • Individual Membership: Single Year - $35.00
  • Individual Membership: Two Year Option - $67.90
  • Individual Membership: Three Year Option - 99.75
  • Family Membership: Single Year - $45.00
  • Family Membership: Two Year Option - $87.30
  • Family Membership: Three Year Option - $128.25
  • Life Membership: Individual - $350.00
  • Life Membership: Family - $400.00
  • Institutional Membership:  Annual - $50.00